Based on scientific research

We apply the power of Cognitive Bias modification. Peer reviewed scientific publications showed that with the help of CBM even the heaviest addictions such as alcoholism and gambling can be reduced by 54%. BetterBias has adapted these principles to help you fight our generation's social media time wasting habit.


The Problem Of Social Media Addiction


The Benefits Of Better Bias


How our Protocol Works

We developed a easy to use protocol that helps you to build uit resilliance towards social media usages. In a 4 week module you will train your subconsious mind to focus your attention to fulfilling goals you want to pursuit.


1. Set your goal

Define which social media you want to stop wasting time on and which healthy habits you want to focus on. Is Facebook and Instagram a huge timewaste? Or are their other social media like Youtube and Reddit that are bothering you? Get started in a few simple steps overcome your addiction and use your time more wisely.

2. The Power of Cognitive Bias Modification

We are going to brainhack your subconcious mind by applying CBM. Based on you selected social media you have to review 50 images in a split second. By doing this daily, your automatic attention and urge will be reduced. You will have extra time to focus on important and fulfulling goals in life.

3. Embracing the positive and rejecting the negative

Cognitive Bias Modification works by physically embracing positive and rejecting negative imagery. This works by zooming in on positive images and swiping up on negative social media related images. These splitsecond interactions trains and alter your subconcious mind

4. You will waste less time on social media

The BetterBias protocol is based on peer reviewed scientific studies. Cognitive bias modification shows a significant positive change in relapse in servere addiction cases like heavy alcohol abuse. Stop wasting time on social media use this time to pursuit your life goals.


Achieve your goals and stop wasting time on social media!


What is Cognitive Bias Modification?

This is a wrong train of though deeply engrained in your brain. Study show when users look at neutral and addiction related images and review and label them that there is an 54% decrease of relapse.

Attention Bias Modification

Attention bias modification (ABM) cognitive tasks are typically designed to draw attention to neutral or positive stimuli, and avoid negative or threatening stimuli. In plain english, your subconsious mind will have less attention on your chosen social media.


Our mission

Phone addiction is a worldwide problem. Solving the problem of exesisve social media usage and many hours wasted is our mission to solve. Many modern day problems are linked to addicition in general and we believe that Cognitive Attention Bias Modification in a simple app is the solution to tackle the problem in the core. Trying to change habits and behavior is hard and works for a certain periode of time. But changing your subconcious brain that feeds your habits and behavior is easy and time effective.

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