Win the fight against instant gratification

Replace unhealthy habits with good ones, by changing your mental habits and subconscious preferences through cognitive bias modification.


Quit smoking

Thinking about quitting? Daily use of Betterbias retrains your subconscious automatic tendencies. It helps you to avoid smoking and steers it towards healthy habits. Get healthy and save money at the same time.


Pursue your desired behaviors

Besides tackling your smoking habit, you will have the opportunity to focus on your desired behaviors. Quitting smoking is easier if you follow a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and healthy eating are great examples. 


Betterbias framerun

By performing a simple task, you will retrain your automatic tendencies toward approach and avoidance for your temptations and desired behaviors. With less than 3 minutes a day you can reset your subconscious tendencies and mental habits.


Take control over your temptations

You are now ready to start! Each framerun will take about three minutes. For best results we recommend daily frameruns until the indicator reaches 100%.


Weaken your instant gratification bias

Daily frameruns will weaken existing automatic tendencies and cognitive biases that steer us toward short-term temptations. Betterbias™ will simultaneously create and strengthen new automatic tendencies towards your chosen replacement behaviors. Last but not least, these modifications will be solidified by packing the amount of stimuli-behavior associations of several real-life days into a single framerun within Betterbias™.


Stop smoking by retraining your subconscious. 


Based on addiction research

Scientific research showed that with cognitive bias modification (CBM) even gambling, alcohol and nicotine addictions can be reduced significantly. With the help of CBM and applied AAT* you can align your subconscious and automatic tendencies with your long term goals.


Happy users


Make your subconscious biases work in your favour instead of against you!